Coding Neural networks


Examples for coding complete NN in Python

  • I am trask blog – incudes NN basics, backpropagation, gradient descent, dropout, LSTM-RNN. Short examples with explanatory purposes. Do not aim at writing complete NN implementation
  • Training (deep) neural network – blog post by Upul Bandarea. Usethe MNIST data set for recognizing handwritten digits.
  • Neural networks and deep learning – hand-on book by Michael Nielesen which works on recognizing handwritten digits.
  • CS231n – CNN (Stanford course) – Good course notes in here. It is possible to use the ipython notebooks to do the programming assignments. The code use CIFAR classification problem and gives a lot of pre-written code, e.g. to read and display the data sets. The coding include writing specific parts of the code focusing on efficient vectorized implementation.

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