Tensorflow resources

TensorFlow101 :

Hello TensorFlow : Building and training your first TensorFlow graph from the grounds up.

TensorFlow for poets:



Wide & Deep Learning: Better Together with TensorFlow

Building Machine Learning Estimator in TensorFlow

TensorFlow home page. Slides by Jeff Dean



Learning materials

Coding Neural networks


Examples for coding complete NN in Python

  • I am trask blog – incudes NN basics, backpropagation, gradient descent, dropout, LSTM-RNN. Short examples with explanatory purposes. Do not aim at writing complete NN implementation
  • Training (deep) neural network – blog post by Upul Bandarea. Usethe MNIST data set for recognizing handwritten digits.
  • Neural networks and deep learning – hand-on book by Michael Nielesen which works on recognizing handwritten digits.
  • CS231n – CNN (Stanford course) – Good course notes in here. It is possible to use the ipython notebooks to do the programming assignments. The code use CIFAR classification problem and gives a lot of pre-written code, e.g. to read and display the data sets. The coding include writing specific parts of the code focusing on efficient vectorized implementation.

Deep learning SW libraries

Deep learning libraries.


  • TensorFuse – Common interface to Theano, CGT, TensorFlow, and mxnet